Memory Foam

Artists Eat Ice Cream

Artists Eat Ice Cream is an ongoing video series that is conducted by a rotating Memory Foam member in conversation with an artist over ice cream. Built out of an idea of establishing and expanding an artistic community, Memory Foam sought out artists to interview, not only for their prolific art careers but for the many hats they wear in leading a creative life. This is an opportunity to bond with an artist over a treat, for many associated with delight, and in doing so creating shared space to have playful and intimate dialogue about one’s life and practice. All the interviews were conducted in public spaces, ice cream shops and parks, to help create a sense of openness and accessibility when thinking about where these ideas and exchanges can live. The videos each have their own focus but all share insights on artistic motivations and bits of wisdom in the process.


Maia Ruth Lee

Nayland Blake

Diamond Stingily

Tamara Santibañez

Lex Brown

Madeline Hollander

Ivan Monforte